Colourpop haul!

I’ve been waiting SO LONG to do a Colourpop haul and when they did a huge sale and free shipping a couple of weeks ago, I decided the time was right to treat myself after an awful couple of weeks. I may have gone a little crazy and I regret NOTHING.

I’ll start with the lipsticks. Anyone who knows me knows my lipstick collection is getting a little insane, but in my defence I made a conscious effort to only buy shades I don’t have anything similar to in my collection.

Having endlessly stalked Colourpop products, I knew I needed some of the Lippie Stix and limited myself to four plus the primer, all in matte formulas because y’all know I’m a slut for matte lipsticks. The shades I got are:

These all have a really creamy formula and they’re so comfortable to wear. Before I bought them I thought I’d not get on with the applicator at all because I’m an advocate of believing there’s a special place in hell for rounded lipstick bullets, but because they’re so slender in shape it makes application really easy, so I’ll happily eat my words. The Lippie Primer obviously isn’t coloured and works to make colour longer lasting. It basically works the same as a foundation primer – it goes slightly tacky and really holds down lipstick.  There are so many shades I want, I had to really limit myself.

The one thing I initially dislike about the Lippie Stix is the scent – at first they smell sweet like shea, but the longer you smell them, the more there seems to be a chemically chlorine-like undertone. This wears off after a while, but is a little unpleasant at first.

The Lippie Stix all retail for $5 (£3.86), but on sale I got them for $4 (£3.09) each in the sale, which I really can’t complain at! They’re amazing quality at an amazing price.

Last on the lip products, I couldn’t resist Dr M from the Colourpop Ultra Matte range – as if I’d do a makeup order and not get something utterly ridiculous. While being one of the most matte formulas I’ve ever worn, it’s surprisingly not overly drying. It makes my lips look a bit more dry than any other liquid lip formula I’ve worn, but it’s pretty comfortable so I’m not sure how to feel about it. However, for a retail price of $6 ($4.63, sale price $4.80/£3.70) it’s again amazing value, long wearing and the colour payoff is incredible.

I don’t really put any effort into my eyebrows except filling them in where they’re a bit sparse, and I’m dedicated to my Benefit Goof Proof pencil, but I can’t afford to spend £20 on eyebrow pencils! I took a bet on which shade I’d be out of the range and I feel like while Bangin’ Brunette pencil is the closest colour match, it’s a little too red-toned for me as my natural brows are a very cool-toned brown. It’s barely noticeable though, so it’ll do!

The pencil itself is much thinner than Good Proof which is taking some getting used to, but it’s allowing for more precision. The only thing I dislike is the pencil isn’t retractable, leading to me nearly wasting a load of product the first time I used it before I realised! Coming in again at $5 (£3.86, $4/£3.09 on sale), I really can’t complain at the quality and it lasts just as long as my Goof Proof.

Where I really get excited is the gel liners. I really wanted more shades but most were sold out – just gives me a good excuse to put in another order soon. The formula is outstanding on these – I bought the gel pencil in Fast Lane and the gel pot in Best O (both $5, got them on sale for $4, you know the drill by this point).  Fast Lane is a gorgeous teal shade and Best O is sort of a dark brick red which I’m loving right now – it goes so well with most of the shades from my Morphe 35OM palette.

Considering I usually hate pencil liners, the Colourpop one is really easy to work with to get a sharp wing, so big ups. The creme gel pot, however, it top notch – it’s SO creamy and easy to work with. I also had this on all day, went on a night out, fell asleep and woke up the next morning with it still intact and sharp with no transfer, so if that doesn’t give you an indication on how well it lasts then nothing will. Big ups Colourpop.

Colourpop had an offer on as well as a sale when I paid, meaning for buying two eyeshadows (more on those shortly) I got a choice of a free eyeshadow or eyeliner brush. I actually wanted the eyeshadow brush but it was out of stock when I ordered so I got the liner one instead, but I’m not sad about it – it works really well with the creme liner and is a nice brush to work with.

Last but not least by far – the Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows in Coconut and Fantasy ($5, $4 on sale, etc). Coconut is another gorgeous teal shade and Fantasy is a bright fuchsia with a holo-shift glitter and I want to bathe my whole body in it.

These have a really strange texture – more like a cushion than a powder, which means there’s little to no fallout at all. The colour payoff is incredible and while blending is a little difficult, it’s totally worth the work.

Swatches, top to bottom: Dr M, LBB, Lady, Climax, Pack Pack, Bangin’ Brunette, Fast Lane, Best O, Fantasy, Coconut.

Here are some uncomfortable closeups of my face!

FINALLY the giant haul is done. Did you take advantage of Colourpop’s mad recent offers? I’d love to know what you got!



  1. I don’t own any Colorpop things but they look amazing! I love the range of colours you can get! Love the blue lip colour although I don’t think I could ever pull it off! x


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