What I got for Christmas – 2016

I’m way late with this post this year, I know. It’s not even Christmas this more, we’re already five days into the new year, somehow! My Christmas this year sucked a little bit because I worked for all of it even though I was ill af, RIP me. However later this month I’m going home for Christmas 2.0 to see my family, which’ll be nice. This year we all decided to post our presents to each other so I had things to open on Christmas morning – well played mum, thanks xoxo. Anyway the part you’re all interested in: here’s what I actually got! Continue reading

6 things I’ve learnt in 2016

2016 has been a year of reflection for me. On my 21st birthday I wrote an open letterΒ to my 20-year-old self detailing just how hard the last twelve months of my life had been and it still stands; 2016 has been a difficult year. While I’m still dealing with the consequences of some very bad life choices, for the first time in about three years I can say I’m in a pretty good place right now – at least much better than I have been for a long time, and I have 2016 to thank for that. What else has this year taught me though? Continue reading

On body confidence

Body confidence is something I, amongst almost everyone I know, have struggled with constantly for my life. When you spend all day, every day inside your own body, it’s easy to find what you think are flaws, or things you simply dislike about yourself and wish were different.

I could spend hours listing things about myself I don’t like. Continue reading

New York Photo Diary

This week I did something I’ve always wanted to do – go to New York. Words can’t even explain how amazing a city it is and in four short days I managed to cram in so much – go to a Broadway show (School Of Rock if you’re interested, which was amazing); visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island; go to the top of the One World Observatory (the tallest building in the Western hemisphere); see the Empire State Building; go to the 9/11 memorial and Ground Zero site and have breakfast in the Rockerfeller Centre.

While I have no words to explain what an amazing time I had, I’ve tried to convey it in pictures – I hope you enjoy looking through them. Continue reading

MAC Liptensity Launch & Red Brick Review

Last week I was lucky enough to go to the MAC Liptensity launch event at the West Quay MAC counter in Southampton with Soton Bloggers and Team Southampton. It feels like I say this all the time but anyone who knows me knows that lipstick is my jam so of course I was freaking out when I realised MAC were releasing a new range of lipsticks including a black and a blue! Nothing excites me more than brands I love branching out into new and weird things. Continue reading

#Paperhaul review*

I get excited over stationery and I’m not even sorry.

I got sent the recent #PaperHaul box ft Hollie Roberts to review and it’s ace! #PaperHaul is a subscription box which costs Β£10 + postage per month and features note cards, post cards, wrapping paper and the like!

If, like me, you still send snail mail to your friends, it’s pretty cool. They also get different illustrators and themes for the boxes. I’m not sure which month was the Hollie Roberts box because there’s not a lot of information on the website but the designs are really adorable! Continue reading

Moving on

Three years ago today, I found out I’d got into university. Today, I have finally left university behind, having moved out of my last university flat officially.


When you first realise you’re going to be moving away for three years, it sounds kind of daunting, especially when it’s four hours from home. I was never one for homesickness and honestly, I’ve only ever felt homesick once while at uni and it was at the start of my second year when all shit hit the fan. For me, moving away from home was nowhere near the hardest part, no matter how daunting it sounded to begin with. Continue reading

On graduating // life update

I graduated last month. I’m now officially a graduate. Fuck my life.

Was my degree worth it? I’ll let you know when I get a job in a relevant sector that pays ca$h money.

Being a graduate is stressful. I’m moving into a new flat at the end of this week and I’ve haven’t felt stress like this since I was trying to finish my dissertation without having a complete breakdown. Having said that, I’m one of the few people I know who is actually sad to have graduated – I had an amazing time at university and would go back in a heartbeat, so much so that I’m considering doing a masters next year. That’s next year’s problem though. Continue reading

Styling hair extensions*

If you read my previous hair-related post, you’ll have seen that Irresistible Me sent me these gorgeous extensions* which I dyed to match my own hair. In that post you can find all the information on which set I chose, what they’re like and how I dyed them. Here, you can see how I styled them up!

Now in all honestly, my attitude when it comes to hair is the less effort it takes, the better. Aside from constantly dying it, I don’t style it much, only ever use heat if I desperately have to and seriously, my housemate uses my hairbrush more than I do. Continue reading